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Preparation for Marriage

By John T. Syrtash, Associate, Garfin Zeidenberg LLP, a Toronto family law lawyer for the past 40 years.

We’re getting married, and will live in the home that I own. My brother, who is divorced, says I would lose the house if we were to divorce. How can that be?

Syrtash: People spend a lot of time planning details of their wedding, but very little time planning for the legal changes that marriage brings about. An experienced family lawyer can go over your situation and help you draft a domestic contract that will be very helpful should the marriage break down. A consultation with an experienced family lawyer is well worth the fee, and may save you much time, money and grief in later years.

I’m thinking of remarrying. I’ve got kids; she’s got kids. Should I be talking to someone about our situation? I don’t want things to end up like they did last time.

Syrtash: Statistics show that most divorced people do remarry. Often, people who are remarrying not only have more complicated circumstances than people who are marrying for the first time; they also have the experience of what can go wrong in a marriage. They are often more ready to recognize the need to think clearly about the assets that they are bringing into the marriage. A carefully drafted domestic contract may provide a sense of security to the new marriage. It’s important to deal with a lawyer who practices family law, because the law is constantly changing and only someone who deals with these situations regularly will have the experience to handle your situation.

John T. Syrtash B.A. (Hon.) LL. background:

John Syrtash is an associate and family law lawyer with the Toronto firm of GARFIN ZEIDENBERG LLP.

Invited Speaker on Bill 78, Proposed Changes to Canada’s Divorce Act, House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (November 26, 2018)

Editor of the Syrtash Family Law Newsletter, Lexis Nexis

President of the Syrtash Spousal Support Database

Author of Religion and Culture in Canadian Family Law, Butterworths

Author A Calendar of Northern Fables, Amazon

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