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Marlene Kazman B.Sc., LL.B.

Marlene Kazman, Toronto Family Law Lawyer

Marlene Kazman B.Sc., LL.B.

Marlene Kazman

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Family Law

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Family law is like no other area of law; it is legally complex, yet emotionally sensitive. Your separation and/or divorce will influence every aspect of your life, from your relationships with your children and extended family to your financial stability for the rest of your life.

Marlene Kazman is our senior associate practicing exclusively in family law. She handles the full spectrum of family law matters including divorce, custody and access, child and spousal support, property division, separation agreements, marriage contracts, and cohabitation agreements. Marlene attends regularly at court and at mediation, and she has successfully resolved numerous matrimonial disputes on behalf of her clients.

Having been through the divorce process herself, Marlene understands the emotions and dynamics that it brings.  She knows that you may be feeling hurt, angry, and confused by the family law system and the myriad of options available to you as a consumer.  Marlene understands that your family law matter is of utmost importance to you, and she keeps her focus on you. She gets to know her clients individually, so she can focus not just on their legal needs, but on the person.  Marlene takes the time to listen to and understand the needs of her clients to develop strategies specific to their situation and deliver the highest level of legal representation and the best possible result.  Her goal is to ensure that your needs and goals are met.  She strives to make her clients feel comfortable and empowered to make informed decisions, recognizing the uniqueness of each client’s particular circumstances.

Marlene will work hard to deliver the best results possible, bringing you resolution and fairness. Marlene utilizes a multi-faceted approach, working with GZ’s specialists in estate planning, real estate, and civil/commercial litigation.  

With the expected emotional upheaval that comes with divorce, Marlene suggests clients work with Karen Goslin, MSW, RSW, Registered Psychotherapist (416-653-9933. www.karenrsw.com).

Marlene is a member of the Family Lawyers Association.



Not all divorces are collaborative. High conflict ex? Experiencing emotional or other abuse? Fearful of leaving because of your children? Check, check and check. Marlene immediately understood my situation and helped me leave, shining a light on a path out that was safe and child-centered. Two years and multiple highly contested court appearances later, I have a deal that works and a new life for myself and my children. I highly recommend Marlene for complex and high-conflict situations. She is empathetic, tough, practical, and can connect you to other services to help you in your journey.

– N. L.

“This is now the third Christmas without__R______ here, and I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to you for helping me. You made a real difference in my life and my boy’s life. All the best for the season.” 

– E. M. S.


In The News

In December, 2020, Marlene won a 5-day trial, restoring sole custody and primary residence of a 4-year old child to a mother robbed of her role by a false assault claim.

Marlene has made a law in Ontario recently. She won an interim motion for REUNIFICATION THERAPY in favour of a father who had been denied access for over 1 year with his 13-year old child. Now, on the strength of Marlene’s case, the Court may order Reunification Therapy to help rehabilitate a shattered parent/child relationship.



  • University of Western Ontario (LL.B., 1991)
  • University of Toronto (B.Sc. (Honours), 1986)




Notable Cases, Publications and Articles

  1. Lindeman v. Desloges 2021 ONCJ 10
  2. Testani v. Haughton, 2016 ONSC 5827 (CanLII)
  3. Morrell v. Morrell, 2018 ONSC 465 (CanLII)
  4. Gaudi v. Todd [2019] O.J. No. 7008 (Quicklaw)
  5. Gaudi v. Todd  [2020] O.J. No. 6013. (Quicklaw)
  6. Filipovic v. Najjar, 2019 ONSC 3315 (CanLII)
  7. Reunification Therapy – Reunification article March 22, 2017
  8. Podcast – Episode 224 Parental Alienation Reunification Therapy
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