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How to prepare for a divorce

My wife and I have been having problems. I know she has been to a lawyer and I think she’s going to leave me and come after me hard. I would like to prepare myself for a divorce. We still live together. What should I do?


(a) You should take all of your financial papers and records and put them in a place where your wife does not have access to them.
(b) You may wish to have your mail or bank statements re-directed to your office.
(c) Make a note of the return address printed on the envelope of any mail sent to your wife by financial institutions, but only if the envelope is in plain sight.
(d) Record any of your wife’s financial information that is in plain sight.
(e) If you have a joint account, consider closing it or at least monitoring it very carefully, reducing your contribution and eliminating any overdraft protection.
(f) Consider closing any joint lines of credit.
(g) Be careful about putting anything in writing to her, even conciliatory overtures. Invariably you will end up saying something about how this is “all your fault” and the note will end up as an exhibit in an affidavit.
(h) Get yourself a lawyer.

(a) Open her mail – it is illegal to open another person’s mail.
(b) Lose your temper. No matter what is said or what is broken or what threat is made, do not lose your temper.